• Mechanical Design:-

During the use of a guillotine cutter, two very powerful forces are at work: the force of the knife cutting through the pile and the force of resistance. Although we won’t go into great depth about the mechanics of this force, it is significant whether you are cutting paper, board, or plastic. For this reason, any paper cutter should take a tough design and sturdy construction into account. The most straightforward approach to determine a paper cutting machine toughness is by looking at its weight. The heavier the machine, the more probable it is to be able to withstand the force of the cutting operation.

  • Control Systems:-


Basic control systems are straightforward digital display computers that, while lacking in advanced features, provide all the essential functions required to operate the machine effectively and complete the majority of paper cutting tasks. The machine’s ease of use is crucial to consider because it will be simpler to learn how to use the device if the user interface is more straightforward. The capacity to update software has become crucial given the quick evolution of computer technology. Color displays with touch screens are most frequently used in advanced control systems. Due to the low cost of adding specialised features made possible by computer technology, the functions offered by the majority of units are comparable.

  • Features and Loading Options:-

  1. Cutting tables:- Contemporary paper cutters offer a variety of table surface possibilities. Table surfaces made of stainless steel, nickel-plated steel, and chrome-plated steel are replacing the long-standing industry standard of cast iron.

  1. Backgauges:- Paper cutter back gauges are an option. The back gauge can be tilted and turned using auxiliary pieces of equipment. Although they may be appropriate in some circumstances, these choices should be carefully evaluated because they significantly increase the machine’s cost and require ongoing maintenance. In terms of practical uses, they are likewise relatively constrained.

  1. Waste disposal:- The size of the trim that can be dropped is restricted by these semi automatic paper cutting machine. It’s a fantastic choice for label work that involves multiple interior trimmings. Yet, the additional cost might not be justified for your print shops for routine commercial work. With these trim systems, it’s crucial to consider your waste disposal procedure because the essential piece of equipment is a trash bin under the table that needs to be manually filled on a regular basis. A central paper waste disposal system is necessary for use in huge volumes. A hoover waste treatment system is preferable because small trim pieces are something you deal with frequently.

  1. Loading options:- To help carry materials onto and off of the paper cutting machine, a broad variety of auxiliary equipment and machines are available.

  1. Stack raises:- Stack lifts enable users to easily elevate or lower material that has to be chopped or stacked. Stack lifts employ an infrared eye beam technology to automatically set the platform at the perfect operating height for the operator to pick up or drop the item. It is less expensive than utilising a fork lift because the platform may be loaded or unloaded using a straightforward pallet jack. The cutter operator’s productivity is typically increased by 25% on average when using a paper stack lift to load material. 

  1. Joggers:- An operator can effectively prepare reams for cutting by using joggers to take use of vibration, gravity, and a squeeze roller. As opposed to putting paper under the cutter’s clamp against the back gauge, workers can prepare lifts for cutting more safely and efficiently by using a jogger. With the use of vibration and gravity, sheets can be dropped onto the paper jogger as they slide towards the guide and gripper corner. The squeeze roller quickly and conveniently eliminates air from the pile once a complete ream has been made. 

When air is eliminated from the pile, the quality of the cut is significantly increased, and accuracy is maintained when the ream is properly aligned. The productivity of cutting is often increased by roughly 25% when a paper jogger is used.

Even though we’ve just touched on the alternatives for semi automatic paper cutting machine , keeping the following fundamentals in mind will help you choose a cutter that will not only last but also change to meet your demands going forward:-

  1. Before including really specialised things, carefully assess your demands.

  2. It is time to assess future integration and data gathering plans.

  3. Examine the simplicity of use as well as your needs.