Are you looking for ways to generate additional income? How would you like to have hundreds of other people earning commissions for you, even if Extra Cash Each Month you don’t have your own affiliate program. Well, you can by using tiered programs.

A tiered program is one in which you are paid for commissions that you generate through your own efforts, and you are paid a percentage of the profits for any people that you bring into the program under you. This type of tiered program can provide a very nice residual income if you make an effort to bring lots of people into the program. But, if you bring in just one or two people under you, you really won’t see much benefit.

For example, I participate in a tiered program that pays me 10% of the commissions that everyone under me earns. It may not sound like a lot, but it adds up over time. I’ve brought over 90 people into this program. As you get to this level, your earnings can add up nicely. In this situation, it’s like I have 9 people working and generating commissions for me. I’m not going to get rich anytime soon with this program, but it earns me a nice little sum for me each month, even if I do nothing.

How do I bring people into this program? That’s the best part. It’s actually very easy. I don’t send out emails, place ads, or write articles. I don’t spend my time posting in forums, doing joint ventures, or heaven forbid making personal phone calls. Then how do I do it? I have a few ads posted on my website. That’s it. I spent about 5 minutes to design the ads and upload them to my site and that was it.

Over a period of about four months, I have enlisted about 90 people. That works out to over 20 people per month. The toughest part of this program is cashing the checks. Hmmm…. Maybe I should consider setting it up through direct deposit!