The RRSP investment plan in Toronto is best if you want to enjoy tax-free savings and grow money for your retirement. Registered retirement saving plans not only provide you tax breaks but also allow you to raise funds steadily. Moreover, you will be able to withdraw money anytime for personal use. Here are a few more benefits you should know before deciding on RRSP investment. 1. Reduces Taxable Income  : The foremost advantage of investment in an RRSP investment plan in Toronto is it reduces taxable income. The money you invest in a registered saving account gains investment tax-free until you withdraw your funds. Taking out your funds when you retire will likely reduce the tax bracket, and you will have to pay fewer taxes than other plans. Therefore, make sure to start contributing at the right time in your account to enjoy maximum tax savings and grow money tax-deferred. 2. RRSP Investment Allow to Earn Compound Interest :  The RRSP investment plan in Toronto is beneficial for earning compound interest. You can also take advantage of compound interest by making additional payments to your RRSP, either in the form of a lump sum or regularly. Your investment’s return is […] read more